Eco Friendly Mosquito Killer Lamp (Photo Catalystic Suction)

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USP : 
  1. Technologically advanced Mosquito trap : This Product uses light, wind and smell technology along with traces of CO2, water and photo catalysis to ATTRACT, TRAP AND KILL MOSQUITOES in larger spaces.
  2. Clean and Wholesome : This hygienic, mosquito suction technology kills mosquitos without the use of smoke, heat, fumes and high voltages. Protecting your young once at risk to being exposed to harmful insecticides.
  3. Hassle free and Undemanding : Invest in this long term solution to protect you and your family against the bloodsucking mosquitoes and avoid the hassle of purchasing and changing the refills every week with your traditional machines.
  4. Substitutes as an air purifier : The photo catalyst technology not only interrupts the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes in the space and large area around it but also purifies the air.
  5. Convenient to use : The machine sucks the mosquitoes into the bottom by a strong vortex, killing them of dehydration. The insect trap is easy to remove and clean
  6. Eco Friendly : Mosquitoes collected in the machine are killed with dehydration overnight without releasing any toxic chemicals in the environment. 
  7. Appealing and Multi-purpose : The product appears generously small and elegant with a downy light that does not affect your sleep. It may also double up as a night light.

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