Good-luck Vibes Printed Yoga Mat (61X173X0.8CM)

Rs. 2,499

Uses & Features - Carefully crafted Anti-Slip Yoga Mat for the most comfortable Yoga experience. 

  • Thick Foam: Yoga Mat that provides excellent cushioning to knees and other body joints.
  • Unique Design: Beautiful dream catcher print with a quote on the surface.
  • Extra Broad & Long Mat: Perfect mat for the tall people. It is 61 cm long and 173 cm wide and 0.8 cm thick.
  • Anti-Slip Yoga Mat: With an anti-slip grip it is easier for everyone to perform all the yoga asanas hassle free.
  • Sweat Resistant & Easy to Clean: Can withstand sweatiest sessions. Unique texture keeps the germs, dirt, moisture, and odor away. To clean, you just need to wipe the surface of the mat.
  • Non-Toxic:- Yoga Mat is made up of non-toxic material and free from any product which harms your body.

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