Set of 3 Light Polycarbonate Trolley Luggage Bags (Small, Medium and Large) - Gold Color

Rs. 19,999 Rs. 44,997
  1. Strong and Scratch-free: Made of [abs(20%)/pc(80%)] alloy, this luggage has super strong impact resistance, scratch-resistant and wear-resistance!!
  2. Explosion Proof Zipper: Hence, it completely shields against zipper cracking!
  3. Silent and 360° Wheels: The 4x360-degree silence spinner nylon wheels with internal bearings ensure that you travel comfortably, smoothly and light!!
  4. Aluminum Trolley: The aluminum alloy, built-in trolley system with push button ensures that your luggage is easy to carry and super light!
  5. Handle: PP with Nylon handles present to add value to your luggage!
  6. Lock: Your security is our #1 priority!! Our High quality Travel Sentry TSA lock facilitates exactly that
  7. Sufficient Pockets: The luggage has reasonably distributed inner mesh pockets and a very high quality cross strap's webbing with buckles to keep your belongings organized and in order! The inside lining is high quality polyester to add strength to the luggage!!
  8. Aesthetics: The glossy finish of the luggage body with fine details ensure that you stay classy!
  9. Size: Small:20” ; Medium:23” ; Large:27”

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