Multifunctional Wireless Lint Remover with Rotary Blades and Detachable Dust Box

Rs. 1,999

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A lowkey essential to give a rebirth to your old clothes!


  1. Multifunctional Lint Remover : Removes lint formation on the surface of woolen coats and sweaters, furniture, bedding sets and sofas!
  2. Convenient to Use : Say no to lint removers with cables and batteries. This next-gen lint remover comes with a portable charger. It works for 45 minutes when fully charged!! Made to facilitate easy handling.
  3. Light Weight : So light weight, it is like holding nothing!
  4. Blades : Rotary blades present with special safety cover!
  5. Quality Motor : High quality and high speed motor for super fast and super efficient cleaning!
  6. Detachable Dust Box : The detachable dust box makes it super quick and easy to clean!
  7. Eco-Friendly : All components of the lint remover are recyclable, from the batteries to the metallic parts! Say yes to environment!
  8. Aesthetics : With a classic design and standard white colour, it is easy on the eyes!

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